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  • PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 comparison already lost

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 or FIFA 15, which one is best? Which sells more? The comparison between the two football simulations give only one winner?
    "PES PES is," some say. "FIFA is the undisputed king", and others reply. With the release of the annual editions of the two simulations football par excellence - a September 25, the other November 13 -, the clash between PES 2015 and FIFA 15 has given moments of intense fans, not to mention a few surprises. The game Konami debuted on the market wit……

  • FIFA 15 dawnsson is a coincidence

    Unlucky defeats hurt probably the most. Especially in eSports, when it comes to sums of money and title, skills of the players should be what ultimately decide victory or defeat. In sports titles, where the AI-controlled teammates also play an important role, although always comes also add a certain element of luck, but overhand should not take this. Antonino "dawnsson" Sammarco is of the opinion that the control of the players in FIFA 15 is too low and happiness now is the decisive criterion. B……

  • Immortalized the record for goals from Messi in FIFA 15

    Uniting two names as Leo Messi and FIFA 15 EA Sports are synonymous Surefire, and that's what has happened this past weekend thanks to a record that has beaten the Argentine player of FC Barcelona, beating the old mark of 251 goals that existed in the Spanish Liga, as this past weekend the Argentine footballer, with his three goals, reached the figure of 253, astounding available to a select few.
    The story does not end there, because what happened was cause for celebration by the virtual commun……

  • FIFA 15 third patch for all versions the details

    FIFA 15 is updated on all major platforms, including old in January.
    Who has had the opportunity to play FIFA 15 knows that, although remaining at high levels, the football simulation from Electronic Arts has suffered some damage too, both in terms of gameplay bugs.
    After the first two updates, the Canadian team working on FIFA 15 announced a new patch, already published as reported on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The package includes some new content, along with some improvements in gamepl……

  • FIFA 15 Learn how to transfer players between teams manually

    FIFA 15  features a huge variety of leagues, teams and licensed selections, which can be used in many ways to the popular football simulator game. In addition, players are also free to make transfers between teams, creating teams of dreams, or simply killing the longing that ace who played for your team. Check out the tutorial on how to transfer players manually.
    Step 1: From the main menu of the game, go to the tab "Customise" and choose "Edit Teams".
    Step 2: On this screen, click on "Cl……

  • The best goals 2014 To 2015 of Messi in FIFA 15

    Leo Messi is the top scorer of the Spanish football alone. The big news of the weekend in the Liga BBVA , which already has a new name in its first position scorers. Reactions after his match against Sevilla was not long in coming. Both institutions as partners have left clear signs of joy. But also in the network have left tributes particular, how this worked collection that recreates some of his best goals in La Liga 2014/15 on the video game FIFA 15 .
    Here you can watch the next video with t……

  • Hazard surprises fans while playing FIFA 15

    Followers "Blues" showed their joy when the talented Belgian midfielder appeared.
    They were invited to play FIFA 15 in the very Stamford Bridge but that was not any surprise that three Chelsea fans took.
    As fans selected their teams, they noticed that there was still space available control, it was occupied by Eden Hazard, one of the stars of the club.
    The midfielder enjoyed a party with gamers who surely will not forget the time when they played a game with one of the best players in the wor……

  • Fifa 15 learn to hold their own selections in soccer game

    FIFA 15 allows players to edit all teams in the game, including strategies, formations and even transfer athletes. With the selections is no different. You can call all the players available in the game in the country. Learn to climb your own selections in the game.
    Step 1: In the game menu, go to "Customise" tab and select "Edit Teams";
    Step 2: Select "National Squads" to edit the selections of the game;
    Step 3: Choose the selection to change. In the example, we will use the Brazilian team;

  • Behold the most frustrating time of FIFA 15

    We will present one of the universal annoyances of any player in FIFA 15. One can give the unrighteous anger goals, another bad AI players, other violence with the faults of others ... But all, ALL, gives us the rage when this happens:

    Do not you hate when you try hard enough one goal and the connection is lost, either due to technical problems or because they were competing against rival has escaped vilely?

    Do you know any more frustrating time in FIFA 15 this?

  • Szczesny sold on FIFA 15

    The pros also play, and many, video games. And sometimes they are willing to sell their virtual character as is the case of Wojciech Szczesny. The Arsenal goalkeeper has revealed, in a given Polish Federation, it was sold on FIFA 15 to buy a new player to the Gunners maintenance. Transaction amount: € 23 million. Destination: Manchester United! "I thought I was going to buy a solid defensive midfielder with that," is justified. Message received by Arsene Wenger?

  • Over a million German play FIFA 15

    The BIU has excellent EAs football simulation with the BIU multiplatform Award. In addition, Battlefield 4 and watchdogs reach more than 200,000 games sold.
    Electronic Arts grants at the IU Awards in October from: FIFA 15 has now found across all platforms in Germany more than a million buyers and receives the BIU multiplatform Award.
    Even the much maligned because bugged Battlefield 4 achieved in Germany for the PC 200,000 copies. On the PlayStation 4 Ubisoft reached this milestone with watch……

  • Fifa 15 will give awards to the Ultimate Team mode weekend

    Fifa 15 Ultimate Team will return the United FUT tournament between the 14th and 16th of November. In the previous two championships packs 1 million coins to 10 players, and tickets to watch matches in Europe were distributed. The awards this year and the participation of Brazil, were not disclosed.
    The United FUT event was first held in March 2013 with the game FIFA 13, and beyond the millions of coins has also given 4 VIP tickets to the derby between the teams of Manchester United and City. T……

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