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  • EA provides free packs for FIFA 15 FUT

    This same week marks six years since the debut of FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and to celebrate the occasion EA will deliver a series of packs of players between players. This popular modality premiered in the game of UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, but it ended officially integrated into the FIFA series with FIFA 09. Six years later, EA Sports celebrates its successful 'invention' with these downloads and organizing a special cup on March 29.
    Every day until that date (ie, every day this week unt……

  • Father sued Microsoft for high invoice in FIFA 15

    It comes every now and again and again that you're spending too much money on his hobby and you are short of cash at the end of the month. It becomes critical, however, if it is the money to that of the father is and you have a four-figure sum in FIFA 15 is output.
    This has become a child in the United States undoing. This has spent $ 4,500 in the Ultimate Team mode the football game on the credit card of his father. For this reason, Jeremy Hillman would like to sue Microsoft. His reasons he su……

  • FIFA 15 win autographed by Azpilicueta

    To celebrate the FIWC Live Qualifier 2015 held throughout the month of March, the Facebook account of the FIFA Interactive World Cup offers to win two copies of the game FIFA 15 by EA SPORTS ™ autographed by the Spanish international Chelsea Cesar Azpilicueta.
    To participate in our competition in March, simply follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook and keep an eye on our updates. We will soon publish the issue of the contest. Two FIWC fans who have answered correctly will receive a p……

  • The first information about FIFA 16 important changes

    One of the most popular games will have a new version launched this autumn.
    FIFA 15 has received good reviews from critics, especially in terms of console versions. PC gamers have complained of bugs and, although patches have been released in the meantime, some problems have not been solved. EA Sports is now focusing on preparing the next game in the series: FIFA 16. Keeping the tradition of recent years, FIFA 16 will be released in September this year. Here is some information appeared about t……

  • FIFA 15 how many earn the best French players

    On the occasion of the French championship final FIFA world, which takes place this Thursday in Paris, L'Express was interested in the salaries of "stars" of the game.
    Football and pixels. The French final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), the world championship of the video game FIFA 15, takes place on Thursday in Paris. Hexagon top eight players compete to it to get a ticket to the International Final in Munich -the date has not yet been précisée-, where the winner will win 20,000 dol……

  • How to get the most hipster team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    We review how and at what cost would form a team of players and bearded hipsters mode FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.
    FIFA 15 gives you plenty of opportunities to not hate the game months after you've done with it, but even so, many seek more than able to squeeze the main football videogame market and that is why we offer an Fú from series of equipment and alternatives to bring this game to another dimension alignments.
    Today we focus on one kind of peculiar starting lineup, a lineup full……

  • FIFA 15 TOTW 25

    As every Wednesday, EA Sports has released in the packages the team of the week (Team Of The Week). Among some weightlessness like that of Alexander Meier (Eintracht Frankfurt with the other two goals and 16 goals in the Bundesliga, the second in the scoring charts behind Arjen Robben), and some confirmations inevitable (Bueno, author of four goals in 16 min……

  • John Terry new MOTM for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Chelsea captain tube an outstanding performance in the final of the Capital One Cup.
    A new Man of the Match joins FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. This time it's John Terry, captain of Chelsea and tube an outstanding performance in the final of the Capital One Cup to beat a Tottenham goal by center included.

    This new MOTM will be available on a limited basis during the Tuesday so lucky if going to try to find and feel free to share it in the ……

  • FIFA 15 Bundesliga forecast Borussia Dortmund vs FC Schalke 04

    In EA Sports attempting once again to be fortune tellers and gives a forecast of the upcoming match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 from where, as usual on the possibilities of football simulation "FIFA 15" familiar. How could go out of the 23. Gameday the game, reveals the "FIFA 15" forecast on the video below these lines.
    In the video description EA writes: "Some squinting at the pinnacle, the other to secure a place in the midfield. There are unusual circumstances, when on Saturd……

  • Will there be a 3rd League in FIFA 16

    As long as there are the 3rd professional league in German football, as long as there is the desire of FIFA players to go with the lower-class teams on virtual goals hunt. Also, if EA Sports attracts many football fans year after year with its lush license package for the FIFA series, the desire for the incorporation of the third division has not been answered. What about the 3rd League in FIFA 16 from?
    Will there be a 3rd League in FIFA 16?
    During the first and second Bundesliga has always be……

  • Electronic Arts compensate some players FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    As you know, Electronic Arts has recently updated the 'stats' of a number of players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team occasion of the completion of the first round in the major leagues around the world and that means most of the time, a small earthquake in all other aspects that have to do with the game.
    And of course, when these changes occur suddenly vary other important factors within its mechanics as the economic balance of many transactions, valuations of the players themselves and even how those ……

  • FIFA 15 Draw games and Neuer signed by Messi

    EA Sports FIFA and give away copies of FIFA 15 signed by Leo Messi and Manuel Neuer and's how to get one of them.
    If you're a big fan of FIFA 15 and you think you demonstrate loyalty should be rewarded, this is your moment. Because EA Sports has released a juicy tender hand to give FIFA copies of the game signed by two of the most important players of the moment: the Argentine striker of FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi; and goalkeeper of Bayern Munich and the German team, Manuel Neuer. In m……

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