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  • FIFA 16 Ultimate Team these are the best players

    Electronic Arts presented the card of the 50 best players in the popular Ultimate Team mode, which of course will return in this year's FIFA.
    Lionel Messi is the best player in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 16 full representation of the world vice-champion of Argentina playing every day in Barcelona has 94 points. It is hardly surprising, after all, it is this player endorses, yet another year, the production of EA Sports. Wink lower ranks Cristiano Ronaldo, and the best five of 90 points on the car……

  • FIFA 16 releases full ranking of the 50 best players in the FUT

    FIFA 16 revealed the ranking of the 50 best players in the game on Friday (4). After disseminate daily only 10 names at a time, EA released the full details of who the key players and their corresponding letters, and all the attributes and characteristics of each of them in the Ultimate Team mode.
    According to EA Sports, the ranking of players is created from the individual performance of field athletes in the national leagues and cups in which each club participates. FIFA 16 arrives in Brazil ……

  • FIFA 16 PS4 sleep mode during the download can destroy beta

    During the download of FIFA 16-beta should not be put to sleep the Playstation. 4
    As reported by various users, the sleep mode can destroy the files during the download of FIFA 16-Beta. It is therefore recommended that the PS4 while downloading not manually put to sleep mode, and disable the settings in the automatic sleep mode.
    With whom the error has already occurred recommends Electronic Arts, the console it with compressed (not just touch briefly) the power button off completely and then b……

  • FIFA 16 Closed Beta Available To Download

    If you were lucky to get an invite to the FIFA 16 closed beta last month, you can finally download it as of yesterday.
    As reported by FIFPlay, people that received an invite to the beta for FIFA 16 can finally download and play it now. The beta is available for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
    The beta file size is quite large clocking in at 15.7GB. If you were one of the select few to get access to the closed beta, you should have received an email with instructions o……

  • The popular EA Sports Football Series FIFA 16 Now on iOS

    EA Sports' popular FIFA soccer series has now arrived on the iOS platform. EA Sports FIFA 16's new game is expected to present in the near time users.
    The popular EA Sports FIFA Football Series 16 Now on iOS!
    EA Sports' popular FIFA soccer series has now arrived on the iOS platform. EA Sports FIFA 16's new game is expected to present in the near time users. Gamescom 2015 event in FIFA 16 is also introducing new videos released EA Sports had heralded another surprise news. PC, Xbox One Xbox 360……

  • FIFA 16 Mobile brings new version for smartphones and will no longer be annual

    FIFA 16 Mobile will bring major changes to the franchise on smartphones and tablets. The game will be called EA Sports Fifa and will no longer have annual releases. The title will receive only periodic updates. The new version of the football game will be launched on September 22 for iOS and Android.
    EA Sports Fifa will be free and will feature micro-transactions. This means it will be possible to keep items that players buy, without having to start from scratch every released version. Accordin……

  • FIFA 16 mobile NextGen for Android and iOS

    Also in this season is 16 find their way to Android smart phones and iOS devices a mobile implementation of FIFA. EA Sports is now the first indications of what football fans can expect in the new smart phone and tablet version of FIFA 16.
    The release of FIFA for Android and iOS is announced as the main game -genius for September. EA Sports even promises that the mobile implementation "console-quality" will entail. The game is not going like on the console carrying the extra years, but simply p……

  • EA Holt to the license for FIFA 16 the 3rd league

    Keeps EA Sports FIFA 16 for yet another surprise in store? The Canadian development studio apparently has his eye on a license, wait for the mainly German fans for a long time.
    Munich - Who is a fan of a team of 3. Liga in Germany going digital far from empty. But how "" reports that could be just the change in the near future!
    Apparently EA Sports plans to secure even the license package for the 3. Liga after a few women's teams and the Turkish Super Lig now.
    Complete DFB package?

  • The best goals of the year in FIFA 15

    Golazos head, impossible dribbling, shooting from outside the area ... EA has released a video summary of the best goals of the year that have been marked in FIFA 15. Alucina with these plays!
    A FIFA 15 has few weeks of life because the next installment in the saga of EA Sports football is just around the corner. So the American developer has produced a video tribute for users with the best goals that were scored throughout this year. In melty we have told the news that FIFA 16 will bring but a……

  • FIFA 16 came the first invitations to the closed beta

    EA Sports has begun in recent days to send the invitations to participate in the closed beta of FIFA 16, as of August 13 of PS4 and Xbox One.
    The new football simulation EA Sports, FIFA 16, will make its official debut on September 24 on PC and console. Some lucky but will touch the innovations introduced by EA Sports in the coming weeks, more precisely from 13 August. It is the date for the first phase of the closed beta, for which the developer has already begun shipping the first calls.
    It ……

  • Check out Brazilian teams that are out of FIFA 16

    The game has several other changes!
    EA Games does not stop with the news. But this time, some Brazilian fans will be disappointed by the news, as the Flamengo and Corinthians, two of the biggest teams in the country, are not within the "FIFA 16". The crowd already gnawed the nail to the quick after checked the trailer disclosure.
    After much negotiation, football clubs have reported that EA Sports will not be in the game, they found a very low bid and probably will sign with Konami, developer o……

  • Overall Capability of some of the players in FIFA 16 Revealed

    Publication made thanks to a visual check of some of the capabilities of the new players to the game FIFA.
    Most football game lovers to include their e female footballers we look at the number one choice, the field players in the cover quickly ring Traveller's innovations are the result of choices as well on the draw managed to FIFA 16's output has remained fairly shortly case.
    If we look at the images from today, once again attract the game lovers with caution. FIFA 16 from the floor area of ……

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