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  • Who is the best Barca playing FIFA 15

    Footballers of F. C. Barcelona Neymar, Pique, Messi, Munir, Bartra, Dani Alves, Jordi Alba and Rakitic fought tournament EA SPORTS FIFA 15. The mood was the keynote during the game session. Find out in this hilarious video who is the best player virtual football team squad.
    Eight Barcelona players clashed in FIFA 15, forming two teams. The first consisted Alves, Munir, Messi and Neymar; in the second Pique, Bartra, Rakitic and Jordi Alba were.
    All have demonstrated their competitive edge and s……

  • FIFA 15 Jimmy Briand again the celebration of salmon

    Jimmy Briand imitated one of the goal celebrations of FIFA 15 to celebrate his last weekend. The Coca-Cola Zero Gaming Zone you unveils video!
    With a new album in miser but nevertheless successful, FIFA 15 is a hit in France . At the same time, what greater pleasure than to score a goal humiliating your opponent before going on to room with one of the many goal celebrations available in the game? And if the lambda French like it, I imagine how the French react ... Some players are also fans of ……

  • FIFA 15 stable first In Italy

    We had several chances within which to talk about FIFA 15 , the popular video game title stamped on the football. And whenever we discussed it, we could not help but notice the level of popularity enjoyed by large fringes of the public.
    The data provided by the editors of GRP in reference to research carried out between the 27th October and the November 2, not surprisingly, they go to once again confirm this reality: FIFA 15 continues to present itself as the title of the most favorite consumer……

  • FIFA 15 gives sales leadership in UK

    Like every week, has published the ranking game sales in the UK, where there is usually no big surprises, as FIFA 15 continues to lead the podium. Or is it not?
    The arrival of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, expected much played, has been able to outrun all other games, not to mention the EA football title, going straight to the top spot in the Top 10 among British players .
    Otherwise, you can see many changes in the list from the previous week, such as the decline in many positions and Overdr……

  • Fifa World uses the graphics engine to improve FIFA 15 gameplay from the game

    Fifa World, the football game free-to-play Electronic Arts for PC has just received an update that adds a new graphic to the game engine, improving the look and changing some aspects of its gameplay and artificial intelligence. Check it out.
    The update brings some of the features of the game from the main series, Fifa 15, for the free version, as the system charges assayed missing, dribbling and new improved artificial intelligence, allowing construction of more real and deadly moves.
    "The new……

  • Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Player On Which Point

    With FIFA 15 Ultimate Team you can build your dream formation here is the players on which you rely
    To create a good training on Fifa 15 Ultimate Team you need to focus on the best players, but what are these powerful samples on which you need to focus your eyes?
    There are lots of players that allow you to have a training virtually impossible to beat: with all these, you can create both the rose that seven of the eleven that will be on the bench.
    The guarantees in the door are three: the firs……

  • Minecraft PS4 and FIFA 15 in UK Exclusive Package From The Console Available Now

    Sony has unveiled a new package of PS4 console exclusively in the UK in stores and is available if you live there, you can buy and make use of this special vacation package.
    The package comes with the Playstation 4 console, the PS4 Minecraft and the soccer title FIFA 15 from Electronic Arts. Players who have missed the news may know now that these two titles are the hottest on the charts of UK sellers. Buy package for a price of 350 pounds and have two very exciting games. Compared to the price……

  • FIFA 15 driving talent to be discovered

    The career mode is definitely one of the most popular in the game FIFA 2015, and that's why all the various players are always looking for young talent on which to focus.
    Who buy then? Who are the best buys at the price of balance?
    According to preliminary estimates of the most promising names in the game FIFA 15 is the first goalies T. Stegen, Scuffet, Courtois and De Gea. Front of the goal, you can then try to buy the various Shaw, Laporte, De Sciglio and Varane. On the line of the best youn……

  • FIFA 15 Can Dortmund wrestle Bayern

    Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern - the German equivalent of the El Clasico and the Revival of the Champions League final in 2013. There is an electric rivalry, fueled recently by the testimony of Karl-Heinz Rummigge, between the two clubs are interested in the obligation of Marco Reus has. Attempts to destroy the FC Bayern BVB, poach all high-caliber talent and buy? Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski have already switched to the Reds, the atmosphere is hot!
    This Saturday meets in the top mat……

  • Footballer Slask Wroclaw in The Fellowship of the Week of FIFA 15

    Scoring four goals in a single match, even the Polish Ekstraklasa, does not go unnoticed by the people from EA Sports.
    Among the players such as Benzema, Higuain or Sanchez in The Fellowship of the Week FIFA 15 striker was well known in our backyard. Flavio Paixao It footballer Slask Wroclaw, who in Saturday's game against Lechia Gdańsk entered on the scoresheet four times, leading his team to victory in the 4: 1. And although Paixao found only in the reserves Teams of the Week, it is a big hon……

  • FIFA 15 Ultimate Team delivers EA tons of money on

    FIFA 15 is flown over the counter worldwide. In addition to the physical product Electronic Arts (EA) has another online product that is priceless, namely FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT.
    Ultimate Team is also reflected in the other sports games from EA like Madden NFL and NHL. EA Sports In total, during the quarter earned $ 1.2 billion, with Ultimate Team, which FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the largest source of income. An increase of 96% compared to last year.
    EA expects that sales will proba……

  • Neymar and Messi armed the challenges in FIFA 15

    Neymar and Messi "armed the challenges" in FIFA 15
    In a battle of four against four, Messi, Neymar, Alves, Piqué, Jordi Alba, Rakitic, Bartra and Munir premiered the new video game from EA Sports.
    In a battle of four against four, Messi, Neymar, Alves, Piqué, Jordi Alba, Rakitic, Bartra and Munir premiered the new video game from EA Sports.
    In a room of La Masia, the bitterness after losing the derby against Real Madrid, the players of Barcelona staged a particular virtual duel to test the ne……

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