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Will there be a 3rd League in FIFA 16

As long as there are the 3rd professional league in German football, as long as there is the desire of FIFA players to go with the lower-class teams on virtual goals hunt. Also, if EA Sports attracts many football fans year after year with its lush license package for the FIFA series, the desire for the incorporation of the third division has not been answered. What about the 3rd League in FIFA 16 from?

Will there be a 3rd League in FIFA 16?

During the first and second Bundesliga has always been an integral part of the FIFA series, there have been no opportunity to play through official channels with the tradition teams of the 3. Liga. The reason for this is the right position of the highest German football leagues. The licenses for 1. and 2. Bundesliga are from the DFL (The League - Football Association) managed. The rights for the 3. Liga, however, are in the hands of the DFB. An interest from EA Sports is certainly there to make the 3. Liga in FIFA 16 playable, finally, you can now go in the third and fourth English league for goals already.

However stehem against the cost of the license of an integration of teams like Dynamo Dresden and Hansa Rostock, Holstein Kiel and Fortuna Cologne. How liga3 online reports, the DFB requires a mid-six-figure sum for the installation of the 3rd League in FIFA 16 - too high a price for those responsible for EA Sports.

FIFA 16: 3. Liga probably remains an unfulfilled dream

A final decision on the "Yes" or "No" in the third Bundesliga FIFA 16 will be in March already.

Those who can not do without the 3. Liga in FIFA, is dependent on the hardworking community. For the PC version of FIFA 15 there are some mods that integrates the 3. Liga and many other new leagues in the game. Also on the last console generation, there are ways in which you can add to completely match the 3. Liga. In the current gen consoles you have at least thanks to the Creation Centres can add different clubs in the third division to the existing team.

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