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What the players choose FIFA 15 vs PES 2015

PES 2015 has again received another award for Best Sports Review 2014 simulator, a new award that competes with the public that prefers FIFA 15.

A few days ago we talked about that in Be a Legend mode is the most played PES 2015, which contrasts perfectly with the new Pro Evolution Soccer is the most voted by critics to win the award for best simulator 2014 . First they came with a prize under his arm after his presentation at Gamescom fair game and now reopen its case to introduce the recognition of specializing in video games like best football game last year page. A title that contrasts with another which has given the same web to FIFA 15 as the best sports game according to their readers.

It is difficult to detect if PES 2015 or FIFA 15 which begins the year with bonus considering the awards they receive. The Konami have to criticism eating out of his hand after renew their franchise quite convincingly while EA Sports maintains sales and support of a public that places the FIFA 15 as the favorite players. These data demonstrate that competition between the two titles is tighter than ever. With the resurgence of PES 2015, EA Sports have refused to slow down and stakes a major empire in which millions of gamers gather to play their favorite sports simulator.

When opt for a degree or another we must consider if we trust more critical or the voting public. Analysts game make a critical and thorough autopsy on each title to maximize their strengths and weaknesses while limited readers to vote for their favorite game. At the end will be the gamer who has the last word, but if the debate has been difficult in recent years, 2015 will be twelve months of battles between Konami and EA Sports to achieve the first major victory in the next generation consoles a milestone in its history that neither company wants to waste. Do you think PES 2015 deserve so many awards?

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