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What is FIFA 15 Momentum

For years, there is a persistent rumor that EA Sports FIFA would implement in his series a secret function that game histories absurdity and their own abilities on its head. Of course, the momentum is assumed at each corner in FIFA 15, which game histories in games are scripted "man to man". But what is the "Momentum" at all? What's behind that for years now always suspected myth?

The momentum is to occur in online games and manifests itself in a sudden change of the in-game playing skills and events. For offline games 1 vs. 1, the momentum is, however, rarely mentioned as a reason for their own defeat.

Is it the "momentum" in FIFA 15?

The alleged Momentum player concerned express z. B. that the virtual kicker suddenly miss 100% of chances, however, the enemy sunk every Kullerball the net. It is also intended opponents readily be able to run directly on goal from the impetus to sink the ball with ease. Also goals in the 45th and 90th minute will be happy attributed to the momentum. Of course there would be for EA Sports logical reasons for momentum in FIFA 15:

Player with outstanding skills from time to face a defeat to be brought back down to earth facts and reactivate the long-term motivation to be the best FIFA player.

FIFA beginners, however, are not permanently shattered in online games and mentally worn down by house-high defeats, but can also look forward to one or the other multiplayer success.

FIFA 15: Momentum -gescriptete online games

Statistics on "Momentum" moments or even an official confirmation from EA Sports that such a "feature" exists, there are of course various nicht.In FIFA forums as well as on the official EA Sports website, based on alleged "evidence" collect for the momentum.

Certainly, the momentum can refute with normal reasoning. Who lasting only enters wins, will eventually lose negligent and therefore sometimes an online game. Who else enters a residue in the penultimate minute, shoots if the excitement in the 94th minute standing alone on goal. And an online player, the game enters after game defeats, is determined and concentrated in the fifth online match at a time, as a permanent winner, otherwise only play with the left.

A bit of momentum also corresponds to a certain reality near. How else to explain the two goals against 1999 Champions League final in Barcelona Bayern Munich against Manchester United? Or even the Cross-Game Momentum including real "bug", as Mathias Schober has taken in hand in the jersey of HSV from unexplained reasons the back pass in his own penalty, and thus has the end of the four-minute-long champion dreams of FC Schalke buried 04? The 4: 0 lead the inability, whether virtual or dedicated page, is not an impossibility, Germany proved in the World Cup qualifier against Sweden, as precisely that result was not given to a third and the final result 4: 4 was ,

FIFA 15: Momentum - what is it?

A confirmation if there is momentum in FIFA 15 and will also appear in consecutive games of football series, it will probably never be part of EA Sports. Accordingly, this game is one of the many myths property remains in the games history, the players split opinions and will provide numerous debates in forums, chats, etc.. Who wants to deny the existence of momentum, is referred to as "EA fanboy" Momentun-believers, however, are "noobs" who just do not play and defeat do not want to see. Thus, not much other choice than the "scripted" to endure defeats over himself with the thought that the momentum of the next FIFA 15 match will have a positive impact on their own game.

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