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The top 10 of its kind in comparative

FIFA 15 and PES 2015 still compete at the highest level and compare ten of its most striking features in terms of gameplay and atmosphere.

There are already several months that FIFA 15 and PES 2015 have been competing in the market and has time to make a comparison between the two games that offer realistic results we experience pos users at this time. Many people think that at this time the balance is level with the successful outcome offered by PES 2015, which has made the tactical rigor pressure and a very realistic to own spectacular as the product of EA Sports alternative. We show below the most curious bug FIFA 15 with a player who is deformed legs and also we show the Top 10 features of both games compared.

The first thing that strikes us is the staging, where EA Sports remains the absolute ruler with FIFA 15. The menus are much cleaner and intuitive hardly any distracting elements. It is true that Konami has also evolved in this direction, but the US company remains the dominant here. However, Konami has experienced tremendous growth in individual issues, as each player shines the light catch the ball, also respecting their technical peculiarities. They have also improved goalkeepers, which clearly outweigh those of FIFA 15, you bet more by the spectacle of the game.

The main strongholds of both games are online racing modes. The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has pioneered, but PES 2015 has launched its MyClub Mode, which has been quite successful among users. However, EA Sports continues to dominate here. As far as tactical issues are concerned, PES 2015 is the absolute ruler, and you can configure up to sixteen functions tactical variants in match conditions, which makes acquire a weight bench never seen before. Finally, in graphic terms continues to be imposed FIFA 15, which has achieved a startling realism players, despite the obvious improvement of its rivals.

If in the previous section the winner remains FIFA 15 in terms of licensing the result is no different in that EA Sports has become the most important, as the Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga Calcio. Meanwhile, Konami has the UEFA and the Brazilian league, something that does not come to compete with its rival. In matters of online gameplay, equality is high but slightly FIFA 15 continues to be imposed by the fewest errors which gives this modality. The new graphics engine PES 2015 brings a plus artificial intelligence to his players, something that is evident in every moment of the match, so they are able to play in tune with the instructions of the coach.

Finally, remember that the gaming community of FIFA 15 is still higher than that of PES 2015, which gives it a plus when choosing this game. EA Sports Experience in recent years has made it very difficult for Konami tip the balance. However, the work of the Japanese company has been reflected in the final result, since the game is remarkably rival in the sensations perceived on the pitch, which is what really matters. Every game is different from the previous, something that users appreciate greatly. Which of the two you stay you?

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