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The best goals of the year in FIFA 15

Golazos head, impossible dribbling, shooting from outside the area ... EA has released a video summary of the best goals of the year that have been marked in FIFA 15. Alucina with these plays!

A FIFA 15 has few weeks of life because the next installment in the saga of EA Sports football is just around the corner. So the American developer has produced a video tribute for users with the best goals that were scored throughout this year. In melty we have told the news that FIFA 16 will bring but after seeing these great goals we are sure that does not need to change too many things to look great. And if you do not believe it, look at the video that we leave then.

Golazos head, shot from over 40 meters entering into the top corner, Cristiano Ronaldo scoring truant absences ... every goal we see during the more than two and a half minutes lasting video is better than the last and many of them leave us mouth open, because it is not easy to get score spectacular goals as how we teach here. Look especially in the selection of the plays long pass and shot from outside the area forward without letting the ball fall to the ground, the definitions could be in any art museum. EA has done a great job to bring all these many to show the graphic power that has FIFA 15 and certainly will be enhanced with the arrival of FIFA 16. The new game will be released on 24 September and is expected to be the best in the history of this saga. As well as better gameplay with an artificial intelligence more developed defenses, a new feature has raised more expectations was the inclusion, for the first time in a football game, the women's teams from countries like Spain or the United States. FIFA 16 will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC What about you, what goal do you prefer?

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