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Ronaldo scored the difference to other stars

Star players of the green areas, increasing the number of millions of fans in social media compared to last year.

As in the previous season, FIFA Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or) Award for the most powerful located between candidates Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid Barcelona's competitiveness in the green area between Lionel Messi, also reflected in social media.

According to information compiled by the AA correspondent, living in a significant increase in the number of fans compared to December last year, the total number of fans of Cristiano Ronaldo's social networking site, Messi almost doubled.
The most popular footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in social media last year, the number of fans on Twitter, the social networking site from 23 million to 32 million 152 thousand and 51 thousand Facebook has raised 104 million from 67 million. In Instagram'ın 10 million 133 thousand people, followed by the Portuguese star, so be followed up by more than 145 million social media lovers continued to take part in the summit by taking the difference break open to all competitors.

The Argentine star Lionel Messi is released and the number of fans on the Facebook account from 51 million to 76 million 815 thousand. In Instagram'ın Argentina star followed by about 8.5 million likes of Ronaldo, with a total of 85 million fans had much higher levels.

Virtual world, especially among the most popular names in other countries very popular Brazilian stars Neymar and Kaka football with the fans despite the drop in excess of 50 million by losing popularity British former star football player David Beckham stands out.

Mesut Ozil is forcing giants ranking

Arsenal's transfer to Real Madrid at the beginning of last season's transfer fee of 50 million euros in Turkish-born German footballer Mesut Ozil is also worth noting that the total number exceeds 43 million fans on social networking sites.

Prominent Dutch and Brazilian players in Super League

Galatasaray's Dutch player Wesley Sneijder, Twitter 3 million 205 thousand, the number of 4 million 807 thousand fans Spor Toto stands out as the most popular faces in the social media's Super League on Facebook. The Brazilian Felipe Melo 1 million 515 thousand on Facebook, on Twitter with the number of 1 million 746 thousand followers.

Fenerbahçe's Dutch star Dirk Kuyt is approximately 1 million 558 thousand and 617 thousand Twitter is being followed by Facebook users. Is among the players with a significant fan base in the Brazilian Alex De Souza in the virtual world has a special place in the hearts of spite to retire from the green fields of Turkish his performance with the yellow-blue jersey football .. Brazilian footballer, 3 million 616 thousand in the Facebook account, Twitter is 2 million over with the fans.

Besiktas Senegalese star Demba Ba is worth noting that the 1 million 241 thousand followers on twitter.

Social media is the most popular images include prominent players and the number of followers as follows:

Ad Kulüp Twitter takipçi sayısı (yaklaşık) Facebook takipçi sayısı (yaklaşık) Instagram takipçi sayısı (yaklaşık) Toplam
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 32 milyon 152 bin 104 milyon 51 bin 10 milyon 133 bin 146 milyon 336 bin
Lionel Messi Barcelona - 76 milyon 815 bin 8 milyon 456 bin 85 milyon 271 bin
Neymar Barcelona 15 milyon 871 bin 50 milyon 545 bin 13 milyon 168 bin 79 milyon 584 bin
Kaka Sao Paulo 21 milyon 647 bin 32 milyon 499 bin 3 milyon 244 bin 57 milyon 390 bin
David Beckham - 51 milyon 331 bin - - 51 milyon 331 bin
Mesut Özil Arsenal 27 milyon 260 bin 14 milyon 112 bin 2 milyon 75 bin 43 milyon 447 bin
Ronaldinho Queretaro 29 milyon 482 bin 11 milyon 246 bin 2 milyon 504 bin 43 milyon 232 bin
Wayne Rooney Manchester United 10 milyon 361 bin 25 milyon 772 bin 1 milyon 582 bin 37 milyon 715 bin
David Luiz PSG 25 milyon 946 bin 5 milyon 802 bin 5 milyon 564 bin 37 milyon 312 bin
James Rodriguez Real Madrid 24 milyon 179 bin 6 milyon 60 bin 5 milyon 837 bin 36 milyon 76 bin
Andres Iniesta Barcelona 10 milyon 52 bin 23 milyon 519 bin 2 milyon 415 bin 35 milyon 986 bin
Gareth Bale Real Madrid 22 milyon 106 bin 5 milyon 750 bin 4 milyon 137 bin 31 milyon 993 bin
Iker Casillas Real Madrid 23 milyon 339 bin 3 milyon 754 bin 3 milyon 414 bin 30 milyon 507 bin
Gerard Pique Barcelona 16 milyon 467 bin 9 milyon 893 bin 2 milyon 137 bin 28 milyon 497 bin
Zlatan İbrahimoviç PSG 20 milyon 766 bin 2 milyon 178 bin 1 milyon 833 bin 24 milyon 777 bin

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