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PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 comparison already lost

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 or FIFA 15, which one is best? Which sells more? The comparison between the two football simulations give only one winner?

"PES PES is," some say. "FIFA is the undisputed king", and others reply. With the release of the annual editions of the two simulations football par excellence - a September 25, the other November 13 -, the clash between PES 2015 and FIFA 15 has given moments of intense fans, not to mention a few surprises. The game Konami debuted on the market with renewed vigor in the face of disappointing latest iterations. A technical sector respectable, strong graphics engine of Hideo Kojima, the FOX Enigine, and a fidelity to the real faces off scale, realistic physics and finally a simulation approach again make the last Pro Evolution Soccer evolution important for the brand. Without a doubt the work done by Japanese developers - flanked by the British division of the company - is commendable, and the swell of the work did not only benefit to a franchise in deep identity crisis. Yet the delay compared to FIFA 15 was felt also in negative terms, with the series opposing to grind important numbers in almost 30 days ahead. The same Sebastian Enrique, Lead Producer of FIFA 15, which is the project manager of the game, said he was not at all worried by the clash: You're asking me if I'm afraid of competition, and in particular of Pro Evolution Soccer. I'm not afraid, "and then continues:" I look at him, look at PES and what it has to offer. "

The sales figures speak for themselves: the last FIFA wins hands down! Impressive numbers for the EA Sports football (FIFA 15 and The Evil Within on PS4 dominate the charts Italian!), Capable of winning the top ten ranking Italian in October and to triumph in the UK for four weeks in a row. Even the record was recorded in the United States, where football has never taken root much to the dissemination of culture to "soccer" even in the land of the Yankees. And this despite the reviews have not received FIFA 15 with the same enthusiasm that was waiting for us, because of some questionable choices of gameplay, which went to sacrifice the mechanics of the steps and some actions on goal. Yet FIFA 15 has seduced the audience, either for the coveted official licenses, either by the mode FUT, which goes to combine in an explosive mix simulation, management and collectibles, you still want to unattainable physical game. The challenge, therefore, already a winner? Apparently, yes. FIFA 15 is the inevitable re simulations football again this year. Do not get us wrong, PES 2015 is a gem to buy and where to enjoy, and only your faith football - Virtual! - Should guide the acquisition. But when the "people" is expressed there is little else to do: continue on the road taken is is definitely a great starting point for Konami, who has all it takes to regain the throne in the coming years.

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