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  • FIFA 17 Latest Info on Modes and Gameplay Videos

    Gamers across the globe are counting down the days until the release of FIFA 17, and as the launch date nears, more details are surfacing about what players can expect from the latest EA Sports title.
    Aside from new kits, new signings and new ratings for players, there will be fresh features for players to enjoy on FIFA 17. The most groundbreaking new mode is "The Journey," which allows players to take on the role of Alex Hunter and live the rise of a Premier League footballer.
    In addition, EA……

  • FIFA 17 Set for Kick off in 30 Days

    Every year, soccer fans wait for one awesome gaming franchise to return, and it’s none other than EA Sports FIFA. With only a month to go, FIFA 17 is getting ready for kick-off and fans will go wild. This time, the game is truly looking very promising. When we say promising, we think that EA Sports have upped the ante big time especially when you compare the features in last year’s FIFA 16.
    You can tell we’re excited because of some exciting new features that are making a debut on the franchise……

  • FIFA 17 reveals West Ham stunning new London Stadium as EA takes fight to PES 2017

    THE FIFA 17 release date is weeks away and EA Sports has just released the first stunning shots of West Ham's new London Stadium in a new blow to PES 2017.
    The former Olympic Stadium, new home to the Hammers after the club left its beloved Upton Park ground at the end of last season, looks amazingly lifelike and detailed in first images released to the Daily Star by game makers.
    We got our hands on the first in-game image of The London Stadium to show you a comparison to the real thing.
    Fifa ……

  • FIFA 17 demo LEAKS player ratings for Real Madrid and Barcelona before release date

    FIFA 17 is released in less than a month and as we gear up for the latest outing of the EA Sports series, the games developers are currently allowing a select group of players access to the game early.
    These special individuals will be playing the games closed beta. A sort of demo that allows EA to gather as much data as possible to help them iron out any big issues or bugs before the game is released to the wider public.
    However it also means that one or two people are able to leak the games ……

  • FIFA 17 preview Not just a seasonal update

    When we first played an early build of FIFA 17 during E3 in June we were a little worried about the gameplay. It came after a decent session with the new Pro Evolution Soccer and left us in no doubt that PES 2017 plays the better game of football.
    Thankfully though, the new build available to play at Gamescom in Cologne was vastly improved. Clearly the E3 build was very early and much has been tweaked since.
    The main new addition is still the story mode, with The Journey introducing an all-n……

  • FIFA 17 Mobile is coming to Android and iOS

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that FIFA 17 is coming to Android and iOS devices in 2016 with a slew of unique features.
    The publisher is yet to confirm a release window for the title, but we can probably expect an announcement in the near future.
    FIFA 17 on mobile will feature over 30 leagues, 650 teams and more than 17,000 players. EA believes it to be the most fully-featured and authentic football experience ever for gamers on the move.
    In addition to an impressive number of teams and Leagu……

  • FIFA 17 tweaks Career Mode finances and board expectations

    Career Mode will be getting at least a small amount of love in FIFA 17, manifesting as more specific board expectations and clearer representations of team finances. I’d hesitate to call these entirely new features, but they do seem to be expansions of existing aspects.
    In previous recent FIFAs, the board of your club would set you league and cup targets, ranging from “look, just don’t be terrible” if you were controlling a lower league club to “win everything, obviously” if you were playing as……

  • FIFA 17 Update

    FIFA 17 is getting a lot more interesting, especially with the arrival of a new feature called Pro Clubs. Aside from a new Player Growth feature, EA has decided to heighten things up a little bit. And this is thanks to Custom Kits and Crests, both of which allow players to personalize their in-game experience.
    According to the official site of EA Sports, the developer behind FIFA 17, the Player Growth system has been completely overhauled. It will now be based on the players' total Match Rating……

  • FIFA 17 strikes huge blow to PES 2017

      MANCHESTER United stars like Paul Pogba will appear in FIFA 17's brand new single-player story mode, The Journey.
    FIFA 17 developer EA Sports gas struck a blow to PES 2017 by signing a HUGE deal with Manchester United.
    The three-year partnership gives FIFA 17 developer EA Sports exclusive access to Manchester United stars like Paul Pogba and Wayne Rooney.
    According to EA Sports, the developer will gain access to the Manchester United players for an exclusive tournament during the seas……

  • FIFA 17 Delivers Crucial Blow to PES

    Just weeks after striking a deal with Italian champions Juventus, FIFA have delivered a crucial blow to rival PES 2017 by signing German giants, Bayern Munich.
    This means that Bayern will become an official partner of FIFA 17, and as well as re-creating Allianz Arena, the game will include updated character models and facial scans of the team.
    FIFA 17 has been created using the Frostbite engine, which makes it the most impressive game visually in the series so far, according to developers at E……

  • FIFA 17 Looks Real As Heck In These New Screenshots

    EA Sports’ relentless march towards making the average game of FIFA indistinguishable from a soccer game playing on TV continues, and they inch ever closer to it with each year. So, too, does FIFA 17 look a step closer to achieving total realism. It makes sense, too- what with the game sing Frostbite 3, DICE’s engine that is now being used for practically all EA games, the game looks like it’s on top as far as its tech goes.
    It also helps that, in addition to the new tech, FIFA 17 will also fea……

  • How to Check if You Can Play the FIFA 17 Closed Beta

    Much like EA's other games over the years, FIFA 17 will have a closed beta. Several FIFA 16 players have received invites to sign up for it. The FIFA 17 Closed Beta begins on August 18 and ends on August 28. Right now the FIFA 17 Closed Beta is only on the PS4 and Xbox One. It grants you access to the following game types: Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and Ultimate Team.
    In order to get access to the FIFA 17 Closed Beta you'll need an invite as well as to be eligible for it. The former isn't widely i……

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