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Messi seeks his fifth Golden Ball

Lionel Messi was not Champions League top scorer not won the world title with your selection, but has tricks up its sleeve to unseat Cristiano Ronaldo and Manuel Neuer in the race for the Golden Ball. Although it has not taken any silverware for the first time since 2007, the Argentine wrote his name in the history of different competitions and regained the fame of "Terminator records" in a year that may not have been the best of his career, but it was well above average in world football. Crowned by the dispute in a final of the World Cup and the award for best player of the competition.

Certainly the Argentine is not considered the favorite to lead for the fifth time in his career, the award given by FIFA and the magazine "France Football". It has been argued that Messi should not be even among the three finalists. But his numbers prove that, if not magical as before, La Pulga was quite efficient. In 2014, the number 10 scored 58 goals in 67 matches, 50 for Barcelona and eight others by the Argentine national team. The star added, also 21 assists. Comparing their performance to that of Cristiano Ronaldo, there is so much disparity, since the Portuguese scored 62 goals and made 22 passes in 62 games decisive.

If the statistics of a great striker are not enough, Messi can use the records to defend themselves from criticism. Throughout its 27 years, the player has achieved many historic brands, but certainly in 2014 reserved the most important so far. Logo in March, with a hat-trick in the victory by 7-0 over Osasuna, he became the top scorer in club history (counting competitive games and friendlies), with 371 goals, leaving behind Paulino Alcántara.

Barcelona's players celebrate record for Messi as top scorer in the Spanish league (Photo: Reuters)

Came the end of the season 2013/14 and the World Cup. At the beginning of 2014/15, down the stretch last year, Messi had a magical week with two historical brands. On November 22, became the top scorer in the Spanish league with 253 goals to score three times in front of Sevilla. A new hat-trick three days later would prevail in a particular duel with Cristiano Ronaldo to see who exceed Raúl first and would bear the greatest scorer ever in the history of the Champions League. Before the Apoel, reached 74 goals and left behind 71 merengue idol.

Crack wins award for best Cup in controversial election

Olympic champion with his selection in 2008, Messi was very pressed for convincing performances in Argentina before the World Cup last year of the cycle. In qualifying, was decisive to score 10 goals and be the second-highest scorer of the competition, in which the team of Alejandro Sabella was leader. And finally performed well in the World Cup, when he scored four goals and was the captain of the runners-up, defeated by Germany in the extension of the decision at the Maracana.

- I think will win Cristiano Ronaldo, the criterion of FIFA, which is "two and two are four." At that won the Champions and the goals he did, should win. Although they say that the World Cup makes no difference, in 2010 Iniesta had all the requirements to win. And only once gave this award to a keeper, so I think the Neuer should not win. I would like to see Messi winning by every record he hit this year and no one had managed before. What he did is not available to anyone. Are special players that should be recognized. He's the best player in the world, and all these merits, deserves the Golden Ball - opined journalist Roger Torello, the Catalan daily "Mundo Deportivo".

The trajectory of Messi in the World Cup in Brazil, where were thousands of Argentines throughout the competition, would be impeccable if not for the fact the FIFA have chosen as the best player of the World - contradicting even the president of the organization itself, Joseph Blatter. For many, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez and Arjen Robben made a more convincing Cup and stick more critical to their teams.

Comparing the statistics, for example, Messi and Robben, it appears that the Dutch was more decisive for his team. The Bayern player scored a goal unless the Argentine, but had an accuracy of 90% on target (compared with 40% of barcelonista). The Dutch hit 86.7% of passes, and Messi, 80.3%. Robben suffered two penalties, and La Pulga, no.

Competing for the prize of FIFA, Messi and his legion of fans believe that there is more than enough arguments for another Golden Ball - mainly the fact the Argentine have reached the World Cup final, while his great rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, was only the first phase. Without being favorite, it is certain that the star will come to an event next Monday involved in a crisis with coach Luis Enrique, who would be leaving the unsatisfied as to think in a transfer. Thus, the traditional trophy can do La Pulga smile again.

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