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Immortalized the record for goals from Messi in FIFA 15

Uniting two names as Leo Messi and FIFA 15 EA Sports are synonymous Surefire, and that's what has happened this past weekend thanks to a record that has beaten the Argentine player of FC Barcelona, beating the old mark of 251 goals that existed in the Spanish Liga, as this past weekend the Argentine footballer, with his three goals, reached the figure of 253, astounding available to a select few.

The story does not end there, because what happened was cause for celebration by the virtual community, and possibly the best simulator using virtual football today, such as FIFA 15, have recreated the historic moment, detailing the plays and goals as happened in the field and allowed the Argentine star exceeded the mythical mark of 251 goals he was at the foot of the late Telmo Zarra.

And to celebrate with all the fans of good football, Leo Messi issued a statement via his Twitter account where he said to everyone, without distinction of shirts that:

"When I scored my first goal, the first in the league, not imagined to overcome any records and even less to the great Telmo Zarra. Today I could meet with the support of many people who have helped me over the years. The record is to thank all of them for having always been with me. Also for those who supported me and are no longer with us. I'm still very present.Thank you all!. "A historic moment for world football in general and Spanish in particular.

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