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How to get the most hipster team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

We review how and at what cost would form a team of players and bearded hipsters mode FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 15 gives you plenty of opportunities to not hate the game months after you've done with it, but even so, many seek more than able to squeeze the main football videogame market and that is why we offer an Fú from series of equipment and alternatives to bring this game to another dimension alignments.

Today we focus on one kind of peculiar starting lineup, a lineup full of hipsters or bearded, and fit better cataloging. But no one either, but the best to take extra time and dangerous equipment with which to surprise opponents. These are our suggestions.

TIM HOWARD (82 points · 1000 coins)

It is impossible to think of a bearded keeper that does not come to mind Tim Howard. The US, one of the best goalkeepers in the World Cup in Brazil, remains one of the world's best despite its age, and it also has one of the bearded hipsters who may be in the world of football.

DANI CARVAJAL (81 points)

With a beard that grows day after day, Dani Carvajal has earned a spot on the right side of Real Madrid laying another great bearded defender Alvaro Arbeloa. Despite his youth, Madrid is one of the best right-backs in the world and is also a projection that makes it grow month after month, like his beard.

Mats Hummels (88 points)

With a somewhat more refined than their peers beard, the German Central is one of the best defenders in Europe, so I could not miss in this alignment. Despite the bad moment that happened this year Borussia Dortmund, Hummels remains one of the best entering the court besides being undisputed overlooked.

GERARD PIQUE (84 points)

The Catalan center is living a second youth and is doing a considerable beard. Well overlooked and always attentive to the court, Gerard Piqué is one of the best center in the game that she also has offensive projection.

JORDI ALBA (81 points)

Despite having one of the poorest beards of this starting lineup, leaving Barca side is slowly bloom facial hair at the same time is becoming one of the best in his position on the right wing. His speed and agility are your best assets.

Raul Meireles (79 points)

You can not have a team of bearded without Raul Meireles. The player who leads these lines was one of the first to let a truly hipster beard and it is not anything wrong with the ball at his feet. The Portuguese, now in the Turkish Fenerbahçe, remains one of the best passers in office, as well demonstrated during his time at Chelsea.

Andrea Pirlo (85 points)

Little can tell that is not known by Andrea Pirlo. The most stylish beard European football is one of the best players in the world to pieces besides having an excellent distribution of the game thanks to a vision on the pitch unsurpassed.

Xabi Alonso (84 points)

Despite being already in the final stretch of his career, the Spanish midfielder still has a lot of football in their boots, so much so that it has become a fixture in the lineups of Bayern Munich at the hands of Pep Guardiola. Formerly one of the first bearded European football is also one of the best in his position thanks to its high precision in distributing the ball in both short and long.

Arda Turan (84 points)

The footballer of Atletico Madrid is one of the fundamental pieces to the proper functioning of equipment Cholo Simeone, besides having one of the best beards in football. The Turkish treasures good pass, good acceleration and good dribbling, a very complete player who would be imperative that all computers.

FRANK RIBERY (89 points)

French is one of the best players in the world besides professional bearded. Finalist 2013 Golden Ball, Ribery undoubtedly stands by its high speed, making him one of the most dangerous extremes of European football, in addition to its agility and ease to score goals.

Konstantinos Mitroglou (78 points)

The Greek has one of the most peculiar of all beards front of football and, despite his bad leg, Fulham still possesses that quality that made him shine a couple of seasons ago Olympiakos. His ball control, their ability to bargain and good completion are the main assets of 'Sultan'.

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