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Father sued Microsoft for high invoice in FIFA 15

It comes every now and again and again that you're spending too much money on his hobby and you are short of cash at the end of the month. It becomes critical, however, if it is the money to that of the father is and you have a four-figure sum in FIFA 15 is output.

This has become a child in the United States undoing. This has spent $ 4,500 in the Ultimate Team mode the football game on the credit card of his father. For this reason, Jeremy Hillman would like to sue Microsoft. His reasons he suggests in a blog entry.

So the Americans became aware of the whole case, as he wanted to ask in the support of Microsoft, as two withdrawals in the amount of $ 120 come about. The employee wieß the caller here suggest that there would be a lot more debits and are the costs incurred on Around 4,500 dollars.

The father makes it clear that he would have to watch more of his offspring, but a new house and stress at work have made sure that he had not had enough time. However, he also sees the blame on Microsoft, because it is readily possible to make such high expenses without any questions.
Hillman is now looking for a lawyer, with whose help he wants to sue Microsoft. If you've got children, whether you said the following: Make sure that they do not bring in FIFA 15 your credit card for annealing.


In an update Jeremy Hillman has now commented on the situation again. He says that he wants to sue anyone, but just want to share his experiences and advice with other parents and potentially affected.

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