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FIFA stops Quaschner transfer to Leipzig

Forward must remain in Salzburg. Rangnick surprised by decision.

The transfer of Nils Quaschner by the Austrian Football Champion Red Bull Salzburg to partner club RB Leipzig in the second German Bundesliga has been canceled on Tuesday. The International Football Association (FIFA) Quaschner has not given permission for Leipzig game, which is why the 20-year-old German remains in Salzburg.

Chaos in the bull empire?
The young striker was already this season for Salzburg and means of cooperation agreement also at the Red Bull Second Club FC Liefering in the second power level (Premier League) in use. According to the Austrian FA regulations, the player was registered only for Salzburg, but FIFA counted assignments with two clubs. Since the World Association prohibits assignments with three clubs during one season, the transfer could indeed can be accomplished, however Quaschner should not have been used in Leipzig.

The German Football League (DFL) announced a letter to FIFA with the corresponding content on the Tuesday RB Leipzig: "Due to the fact that the player in question has already participated for two different clubs in official matches in the current season 2014/2015, seems he can be true to registered during the current season 2014/2015 for your member club RB Leipzig to be not eligible to play ", is quoted in a press release of RB Salzburg from the letter.

Rangnick can not understand transfer stop
Sporting director Ralf Rangnick expressed surprise over this view. "That sent to us by FIFA letter came to us unexpectedly. We have currently in Salzburg and Liefering 18 cooperation players who are ready for use right for both clubs, one of which was Nils Quaschner. According to the regulations of the Austrian Football Association allowed and has nothing to do with the do eligibility to participate in the sense of the FIFA regulations. RB Leipzig would be quite clear and understandable for everyone, the second club would be eligible to play this season, the Nile Quaschner. for this reason, the writing of FIFA is incomprehensible for us, "said Rangnick.

We will investigate the matter legally, but will take advantage of this a few weeks, so Rangnick. Therefore Quaschner initially remains at RB Salzburg and will enter on Wednesday to team training.

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