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FIFA 17 is getting a lot more interesting, especially with the arrival of a new feature called Pro Clubs. Aside from a new Player Growth feature, EA has decided to heighten things up a little bit. And this is thanks to Custom Kits and Crests, both of which allow players to personalize their in-game experience.

According to the official site of EA Sports, the developer behind FIFA 17, the Player Growth system has been completely overhauled. It will now be based on the players' total Match Rating. In its most organic form, it is designed to make players give importance to cooperation and teamwork, which are common traits found in the world of football.

Once FIFA 17 players complete a particular match, they will be receiving a specific Match Rating (1 out of 10). It depends on the kind of plays they do and/or the position they take. If a player is more of a striker, his Shooting capability will increase even more compared to his Defending. The most interesting part of it is the ability to track the overall progress thanks to a Player Chart.

Moreover, Traits are also being introduced to FIFA 17. This option was introduced so that gamers could give their characters some depth in terms of growth. Skill Points (earned in the latter part of the game) can be used to equip specific Traits, such as Dribbling, Physical and Defending, among others.

In terms of personalizing the overall FIFA 17 experience, this can be done thanks to the arrival of Custom Kits and Crests. The game, as reported by Forbes, will showcase 24 kit templates, giving players the freedom to generate primary, secondary and even tertiary kit for their respective plays.

To raise the FIFA 17 experience a notch higher, Crests are designed to give players the chance to upload certain images and/or art. They can even select their own Crest shape and design it prior to choosing a main color. Without a doubt, it will make the excitement more like being part of the celebration.

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