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FIFA 17 Release Date

This is what you need to know about the FIFA 17 release date, features, FIFA 17 cover and other important details. The FIFA 17 release date is confirmed for late September, we now know pre-order information and other key details like when you can play FIFA 17 early.

We are still waiting for a massive amount of FIFA 17 gameplay videos to show off the new Frostbite engine, but thanks to several new EA videos we know about some of the exciting FIFA 17 features.

EA highlights a new FIFA 17 Journey Mode overview, allowing users to control the destiny of a star in the game. This is the new FIFA 17 mode for 2016 that will come alongside Ultimate Team and other traditional game modes.

One of the most interesting new FIFA 17 features is the ability to better control shots on goal. The driven shot mechanic allows you to shoot with force, but keep the ball low. You can also head towards the ground, for a better chance of scoring in the box.

EA also shares the new pushback mechanic that allows for more physical play on the pitch. This includes the option to shield the defender from the ball as it is coming to you and then keep the defender shielded so you can position and make a move.

Will EA come back with a big FIFA 17 upgrade that delivers more than a stats update and a roster upgrade? So far the plans are bold, with a new engine and new AI, but we are waiting for actual gamers to share FIFA 17 gameplay videos to see how it shapes up on the actual pitch.

While we are in 2016, we are actually waiting for the FIFA 17 release date since EA releases these games for the upcoming season. We’ve heard from some users who have purchased the wrong version of FIFA in the past, so it is worth mentioning that you should wait for the FIFA 17 release date.

Now that FIFA 16 is in the EA Access and members can play it for free, it is time to look forward to the new FIFA 17 release that is coming later this year.

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