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FIFA 17 Latest Info on Modes and Gameplay Videos

Gamers across the globe are counting down the days until the release of FIFA 17, and as the launch date nears, more details are surfacing about what players can expect from the latest EA Sports title.

Aside from new kits, new signings and new ratings for players, there will be fresh features for players to enjoy on FIFA 17. The most groundbreaking new mode is "The Journey," which allows players to take on the role of Alex Hunter and live the rise of a Premier League footballer.

In addition, EA Sports has made a selection of fascinating tweaks that should enhance the experience of the player. Here's a look at some of the game modes, the latest gameplay footage and further key details about FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 will be released in North America on September 27 and across the rest of the globe on September 29.

The introduction of The Journey, which allows you to assume the role of Hunter at one of 20 teams in English football’s top flight, is one of the most anticipated additions to the game in years.

As the EA Sports website noted, "In The Journey, Alex Hunter's Premier League career is impacted by your performance on the pitch, and the decisions you make off of it." To add to the authenticity, EA Sports has consulted stars such as Manchester United forward Anthony Martial and Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez.

The classic FIFA modes are back again, although there have been some adjustments. For those who prefer to commit some time to their play, the career mode is a favourite, and this edition of the game is set to be more demanding.

Performance will now be assessed in five different areas during your career as a manager—domestic success, continental success, brand expansion, financial and youth development—while the introduction of "club worth" puts the gamer in the place of those who crunch the numbers at a club.

The "Ultimate Team" facet of the game is also popular among fans. Not only has EA Sports introduced a "FUT Champions" division—where qualifiers can compete for rewards in a weekend division—but there are incentives for savvy squad building too.

Additionally, new legendary figures have been incorporated into the game, including Manchester United star Paul Scholes, Barcelona’s former inspirational skipper Carles Puyol and Juventus icon Alessandro Del Piero.

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