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FIFA 16 the shirt of Valencia in danger

EA Sports is concerned that the absence of little more than a month after the launch of its flagship game still can not get everything done because of problems with Valencia. In melty we tell you why.

When in a game you have so many elements that control is likely that some of them problems. This year, for example, a set that has the final design of his shirt in the air. Valencia still pending to find a title sponsor that looks at the center of its elastic and that is worrying the guys at EA Sports as more and take less for FIFA 16 is in stores and do not know what put the whole final design Nuno Gomes. According to the website The uncheck this has become a problem for the American developer, then you must set a final shirt for each team of the Liga recreating reality with the greatest possible and if there is no final design can not do.

And it is that although by Adidas design elastic course, was no official presentation and everything, what concerns are the official sponsors of the club this season as one of the hallmarks of FIFA 16 is realism in graphics, as we saw in the modeling of the players of Real Madrid, and Valencia did not have the final tee is still a big drawback to the game. Because as we advanced, the official partner is in the air and now in the front is empty, so we have seen in the preseason games he has played the che in recent days. But also the brand that looks at the back of GOL T is not safe because the channel Mediapro has disappeared from the TDT and rumors suggest that it will merge with BeinSport sports channel, will begin broadcasting in Spain for the first time this season.

With this problem on the horizon is expected to be a meeting between the two parties to advance the issue and EA have official confirmation of the final shirt. If at the end of the time they were complicated to change the shirt there is another possible option: Let the game come out with the shirt that looks right now the Valencian set and then release an update by internet. This possibility would be detrimental gamers that have no connection to the network because it does not have the option of cambiorlo. Do you think that Valencia will have their final shirt in FIFA 16?

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