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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team these are the best players

Electronic Arts presented the card of the 50 best players in the popular Ultimate Team mode, which of course will return in this year's FIFA.

Lionel Messi is the best player in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 16 full representation of the world vice-champion of Argentina playing every day in Barcelona has 94 points. It is hardly surprising, after all, it is this player endorses, yet another year, the production of EA Sports. Wink lower ranks Cristiano Ronaldo, and the best five of 90 points on the card is completed by Luis Suarez, Arjen Robben and the best in the game goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The top fifty there was no coup. The biggest change was recorded card Naldo, derived from Brazil's central defense Wolfsburg, whom the general result came four points. For most players change (up or down) do not extend more than one pond. Taken into account for this is done in the summer transfer window. Petr Cech already represents Arsenal, Angel di Maria weapons of colors PSG, next to pictures of Arturo Vidal bears the coat of arms of Bayern Munich, and Bastian Schweinsteigerowi accompanied by a coat of arms Man Utd.

All fifty best players in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team can be found on the website of the game. It is also worth noting that in contrast to last year's edition, EA Sports did not change any of the six core values ​​defining features of the player. Sticking with pace, dribbling, shot, defense, legends and physicality.

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