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FIFA 15 review EA Sports returns all'arcade

As ever arrived on our console the highly anticipated new installment of the EA Sports football. Despite being on the shelves for some weeks, we preferred to accumulate more hours of play possible in the various modes online and offline before expressing our judgment; during our test period we were able to fully understand the dynamics of the game and we are ready to share with you our views on the much acclaimed FIFA 15.

We are aware that in North America the football is not exactly the most popular sport, but we just can not understand what has brought the guys at EA Canada to offer a gameplay that, in our opinion, has very little to do with the real game football.

Let's start from the beginning: all that we believe had seen good in previous installments of the series has been somewhat abandoned, apparently focusing more on graphics rather than on a realistic and fun gameplay. The possession, pivotal factor and strength of a realistic simulation for a game of football, was overshadowed at the expense of a game system largely based on long balls and ran wild with the most gifted players, see Cristiano Ronaldo & Co.

Essentially a reversal from a gameplay more simulation, as was seen in previous years, to a much more arcade gameplay, as proposed in this FIFA 15. And so during a challenge or online against a friend, the virtuoso ball, who likes to build maneuvers reasoned and dominate the game, they will find nothing short of frustrating to possession and search through the beautiful game to break through opposing defenses since, apparently, trying to play football is for very little in this Fifa, where the easiest way to score and win the games you play with really deep launches direct to acrobats type Bale and Ronaldo, with 90 points speed ... Or take advantage of one of the many glitches in the game!

Given the huge number of online players and tournaments dedicated to FIFA 15, we consider it necessary to dwell on this aspect of the gameplay, because even in this case, wondering how it is possible to publish a game like FIFA omitting a number of glitches that made scandal at the whole web. The question that many people are placed in fact was, but if we and millions of users in just one hour of play we noticed numerous bugs, how is it that the EA did not have noticed throughout the production phase ?

The thing that was most convinced is definitely the new graphic style television. Finally EA Sports, inspired by NBA 2K made this new chapter much more like the games seen on TV thanks to replay spectacular public realistic stadiums and faithfully reproduced.

During the replay you can see all the blades of grass, a significant improvement over the flat fields of the previous editions. The changes to the field, however, are only aesthetic, the ball is not in fact change its trajectory on land particularly consumed. Particular attention was paid on the bodies of the players, now completely remodeled to look more harmonious and less square.

The weak point of the dress are definitely the faces of the players that despite the improvements have not yet to the levels expected for the next-gen. Finally, for the players introduced a new system of emotions depending on the game situation. It is not uncommon to see bickering between two players after a particularly rough contrast game or watching an entire team to despair after yet another goal missed by our attacker.

The game modes are almost identical to those of the last few years with some additions in the career mode and Ultimate Team. Like the previous edition, the online modes are available: seasons, seasons co-op and FIFA Ultimate Team. On that latter was introduced loan mode that allows you to try some day players like C. Ronaldo, Bale and many others.

Ultimate Team is definitely the highlight of this Fifa 15, but despite that we believe would need a breath of fresh air that brings some novelty consisting of a game mode that is now the same for years. The same goes for career mode and online seasons in which there are few or no important innovation.

Maybe the guys at EA Sports feel the lack of a true competitor in the world of football simulation, which is why, in our opinion, the team at EA might have lost some stimulus to innovation. So we trust that PES return to optimum levels, because as you know a great adversary forces you to give your best.

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