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FIFA 15 how to defend his camp

Before attacking on FIFA 15, you definitely need to master the art of defending well. Find out in our article how well defend your camp, thanks to the tutorial FIFA 15 proposed by EA Sports.

You know, FIFA 15 is not the easiest to master. And yet, when you manage your team Ultimate Team and you play against the best players, you must give the best of yourself. This tutorial FIFA that we present today through, explains the basics of defense. For those of you who are, no doubt you already control this art better than anyone. But for the novice and inexperienced in the online mode, they should be able to find the answers to many evils. Three basic points are well explored in this tutorial very useful, we must recognize it. As we said at the Coke Zero Gaming Zone, these points will figure booster for pros of the game, but many players could learn a thing or this video. Like the time we helped you realize suddenly the scorpion!

First point to always play at the top of sales, you do not deliver! In defense, needless to tackle too high on the field. You might catch cold and make you worse, leave a boulevard to your opponent. Avoid too far up the tackles and stay up as long as possible to contain the player. By cons, just outside the penalty area, a heartfelt tackle can relieve all your defense. This is step two. Well controlled, the tackle can get you out of many bad start situations during which the opponent has consistently run and assault you putting pressure on your goals. A successful challenge then will remove the ball from his feet without fault or to let escape. Third and last point, patience. No need to rush, you risk putting yourself in danger without much reason. Itself your opponent may well become entangled brushes and get the ball without you having to do anything. Poor control the box, passes missed it, missed shot, may well occur and stop the opponent's attack. And you, do you master the art of defending well?

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