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FIFA 15 how many earn the best French players

On the occasion of the French championship final FIFA world, which takes place this Thursday in Paris, L'Express was interested in the salaries of "stars" of the game.

Football and pixels. The French final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), the world championship of the video game FIFA 15, takes place on Thursday in Paris. Hexagon top eight players compete to it to get a ticket to the International Final in Munich -the date has not yet been précisée-, where the winner will win 20,000 dollars.

A price that could dream of, yet well below the million granted in other competitions e-sports sports -the electronically, like those of Dota, or League of Legends. This does not prevent many French fans to try their luck and hope to earn a living playing. The Express contacted these "professional players become", find out more about the financial reality of daily life.

"One French player really earns his living with FIFA"

Both say right away, one really lives of FIFA. His name: Bruce "Spank" Grannec, quadruple world champion, legend in the middle. In an interview with Le Figaro there is a little over a year, its -Sasha Brodowski- officer confided that he had won 75,000 euros gross in 2013. Interviewed by L'Express, it indicates not communicate on income current foal, but confirmed that he still makes his living by FIFA. But also through advertising contracts -Coca, Auchan- and videos YouTubeet Twitch.

French and other stars? Vincent "Vinch" Hoffman, 18, is probably one of the most promising. He earns around 600 euros per month, cash prize -the price won at competitions. Of more than a salary close to money. "But if he really wants to go after bin, and continues to win, he will probably live," Sasha hope Brodowski, also agent of the young player.

... Have fun and win some money

Alexis "Ayziq" Lefebvre, 19, is also a young prospect. He tells us to win "between 0 and 300 euros per month according to (its) tournament results." And -aAa- team pays him wherever he goes. However, it remains modest and "does not consider himself a pro player" because he "no pay" key, unlike Vincent. Meanwhile, he continues to play for fun ... and make some pocket money. What return on its 25 to 30 hours of weekly play, during which he trains with "the best French and European players."

Same story on the side of Abdourahim Danny, 21, a member of the outgoing crew of the moment: Vitality. For him too, he plays FIFA -auquel about 6 hours per week is both a passion and livelihood ... that does not make him lose sight of its -The university studies and soon a BTS. He prefers not to talk about his salary, but said that he "did not see the money" related to FIFA. Whatever, his passion and talent allow it to compete with the best while traveling. Last weekend, he was also in London for a tournament with Alexis, Bruce and Vincent.

And AI change its strategy?

FIFA 15 is the cultural property as sold in France in 2014-and one of the most popular in the world-. But "this is one of the least developed e-sports games," said Sasha Brodowski. "In terms of salary, League of Legends is football video game, Counter Strike Global Offensive rugby, but FIFA is swimming! It's totally ironic."

Why such a situation? "The Fifa-which owns all rights to FIFA 15- does not care about e-sports. 'Sound' -édité game by EA Sports, which buys the droits- sells well, it does not need to invest in the competition. And the fact that it offers the winner of the FIFA World Championship 15 to go to the ceremony of the Golden Ball deems sufficient, "said the agent. Specifically, neither FIFA nor EA Sports does not pay wages directly or indirectly to the players, unlike other -Riot Valve Casing- or publishers. The second reason corollary to the first, is that tournaments are only slightly monitored on streaming platforms. But the latter, through advertising, often generate the necessary complement to the players to live their passion. For the players, it only remains to hope that FIFA changed tactics.

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