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FIFA 15 for fifth week no.1 UK Charts

Seem few games can so often dominate sales chart than FIFA. In recent weeks, knew the full game to continue its competition and last week it is unchanged.

A lack of newcomers was not, moreover, they did not give any competition. SingStar: Ultimate Party remains still stabbing at a 32nd position, Just Dance 2015 is still on a 19th place and Civilization: Beyond Earth we find one position higher. Best newcomer Bayonetta 2, this Nintendo Wii exclusive is in 7th place. The top ten is as follows:

01. (01.) FIFA 15
02. (09.) Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
03. (02.) The Evil Within
04. (07.) Destiny
05. (04.) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
06. (03.) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
07. (---) Bayonetta 2
08. (05.) Forza Horizon 2
09. (06.) Alien: Isolation
10. (11.) Skylanders: Trap Team

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