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FIFA 15 dawnsson is a coincidence

Unlucky defeats hurt probably the most. Especially in eSports, when it comes to sums of money and title, skills of the players should be what ultimately decide victory or defeat. In sports titles, where the AI-controlled teammates also play an important role, although always comes also add a certain element of luck, but overhand should not take this. Antonino "dawnsson" Sammarco is of the opinion that the control of the players in FIFA 15 is too low and happiness now is the decisive criterion. But he did so right?

Erhan "Dr. Erhano" Kayman, Benedict "SaLz0R" Saltzer, Sascha "Poldi10" Schumacher and Kai "deto" Wollin hot this year's finalists EPS Winter Season and thus the four best German FIFA 15 players. Or is it? Is it the current Vice-Champ Antonino "dawnsson" Sammarco, are the strongest four not here this year.

Random critical?

This is according to "dawnsson" because there 15 no longer matters in FIFA on the individual skills, but each player can beat any opponent in principle, since the chance of the main aspect of the football title was. "Put me down a game where the fittest and I would again be at the top of the list, without being arrogant. Some do not understand that this game is random," is his challenge. Extremely unfortunate defeats will have probably already plugged each regular FIFA or PES players. But the chance to share to keep as low as possible, many cups in the best-of-3 or even in the best-of-5 will be played. This is also Erhan "Dr. Erhano" Kayman, the "dawnsson" replies: "A good player does not talk much, he can speak deeds you had in five cups the possibility of you for the playoffs [EPS Winter Season, n. to qualify. d. ed.]. If you can not manage to settle in five cups something, then it is certainly not at random. in a cup, I could understand it may be, but not at five best-of-3 Cups! "

Good game, but not for competition

But the FIFA Team of the Teams Alternate Takes the view that the "skill" of the players beikommt too little importance. Just the ability to walk with good Dribblern through an entire defensive encounters mad at, "Is your opponent a good dribbler, he runs through the whole team and score made possible by the deliberate realistic style of play, but move the player. partly so unfavorable that it's difficult -.. even for experienced players there are also unexpected interruptions of goalkeepers Judging by all the 'realistic' mistakes, it's unfortunately often random and not just skill that a game between two good players may decide. Accordingly, I see FIFA 15 more for the average player, but not for the competition thought ". Also for Enrico "Anni" shooter suffers FIFA 15 still at too many errors that are a hindrance for eSports: "I find it disappointing when a player can dribble through a whole team, because that has nothing to do with reality addition. come the deformities of the defense and the excursions of the goalkeeper, which often result in unsightly scoring. FIFA 15 is fun when you play it with friends, because there is always something to laugh about. But in times of competition FIFA 15 is yet more frustration when games and also 'revenue' lost due to 'realistic' flubs ".

Impact on the performance style

Logically, an attempt is made accordingly in the eSports scene, the principle of random as best we can counteract. Since no one can completely affect positional play its computer-controlled teammates, here is loud Vasiliev "Vasi" Andrei George merely adjusting the lineup: "In FIFA 14 could be played more calmly 4-3-3 But now it is almost inevitable with four defenders. to play and two defensive midfielders. I even often see the unloved five-defense chain. unflattering Positioning a defender should be compensated. "According to Vasiliev This has the consequence that the eSportler pay increasing attention to avoid their own mistakes than to risk anything. Nevertheless, "Vasi" believe that a large part of the better players at the end still has the lead.

In the end, everything evens out?

In football, it is said that in the course of a season everything balances. This refers here especially decisions and events that lead to unfortunate defeats. Maybe this can also apply to the virtual football: With the system to discharge several duels per turn, affects one randomly as best we can meet. That a player is always followed over several games in various cups by bad luck, is highly unlikely. Ultimately, enter all eSports under the same conditions - against errors of AI no one is immune accordingly. That there still is not a good basis for the professional FIFA game, no question. And just want to take their skills to the screen - in this respect a gulf between "normal players," so those who want to kick virtual fun after working out a game and those who play professionally produced. It is precisely in eSports, when it comes to sums of money and title, skills of the players should be what ultimately decide victory or defeat.

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