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FIFA 15 best tricks turns and celebrations

FIFA 15 is a great game that has evolved in many ways, but in others continues to show deficiencies. We will show some of the best dribbles and tricks with a tutorial.

Open warfare that keep FIFA 15 and PES 2015 is poised to become legendary. Many users prefer the product of EA Sports by its greater variety of licenses, giving it a more professional and credible air. In addition, the large number of officers and competitions stages make it a game like no other. By now, more than two months after its release, many with advanced level users who enjoy doing the best tricks and turns to hang them on Youtube and then brag to your friends. Next in we show how to make some of the best dribbles and also how to celebrate the goals of the most original forms. You can also see a video tutorial of the best turns of FIFA 15 written by FreeGamersHD.

The skills of the players in FIFA 15 are very well made, but not the case when it comes to defensive systems or porters where PES 2015 has taken the lead clearly. EA Sports has again set eyes on accessories aspects of the football, adding details as spectacular celebrations, but leaving aside what really matter for a simulator of football, which is the realism in the field. However, we can see Cavani firing his rifle or imaginary Cristiano Ronaldo doing his typical jump as he opens his arms. Under these lines we show you some of the most striking turns of FIFA 15.

new turns
Turn left or right to amagar: Press 2 times the right joystick.
Pass 360: In Xbox One, press RB + Y or A. In PS4, press R1 + Triangle or X.
Volley heel: In Xbox One, hold LT + B. In PS4, hold L2 + Circle.
Celebrations original FIFA 15
Here and now: Hold RB and press B.
The old man: You have to hold LT and press RS.
Look at the sky: Hold RB and RS.
Kissing the wrist: Hold LT and press twice B.
Bite the hand (Beware Luis Suarez) Hold LT and RS move up and down.
Kick the pennant: Hold LB and press 2 times X. What do you think these tricks?

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