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FIFA 15 a good year mobile and nextgen consoles

Soon registered in traditions such as Christmas or New Year's Day, the release of a new FIFA rest whenever an event. So it's 2015 version that came to us the new version. And to satisfy the largest number the game is available on consoles / PC may also smartphone / tablet. With a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team free side (the Freemium mode) and the other a FIFA 15 fee, you may have to make a choice but we'll see that it's not too similar.

FIFA Ultimate Team (UT) on (iOS / Android). *

FIFA 15 UT as the name suggests has only one game mode, that of having the best team by collecting cards / players. Reassure the game features to make the game as we know it with a quick start. Direction of the cross at the bottom left and bottom right three buttons that change function you are on offense or defense. It's quick and efficient!

Electronic Arts proposes a play on the free-to-play model with no less than 10,000 trading cards of 500 international teams. It's almost as if you were making a Panini collection but with games left with your card (sticker party less). The advantage is that you can compose teams that do not exist in reality by living together players who do not normally play in the same club. We glimpse the tactical component that is paramount in FIFA 15 UT all supported by most licenses revolving around football.

Visually it's still very nice but no revolution compared to FIFA 14. Do not expect a public and stadiums also worked on PS4. Controls can be simple enough as mentioned above but the "pro" can find more complex but more accurate controls.

We can therefore regret the absence of multiplayer online mode, career mode and the in-app purchase side pronounced. Now if the collection is your passion because you will go for what to do, all complemented game to test and advance your teams (with credits and Points FIFA).

Finally, everyone can make their own opinion because the app is free and will allow you to assess whether you like it cheaply!

Now if you want the real FIFA 15 take on consoles or PC!

Indeed even if the mobile game is pretty well done, it is this year only one game mode. If you want to enjoy every aspect of FIFA 15, the lounge version is required (on the big screen, if possible ). Joystick in hand your career modes, etc ... As multi Messi and Hazard below!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Developed for next gen consoles FIFA 2015 version had to meet the visual needs of the moment. In fact last year in version 2014 had enjoyed the fluidity of the animation making them more realistic movements.

Rather well done scenes will enhance the faults, cardboard and any altercations (even after two games is quickly zappera them).

This year the visual rose again, even if sometimes you would like more finesse in texture but that's nitpicking because the faces are still superb). Like everyone else we like to recognize our favorite players at first glance and this requires better definition of their faces, their body size and their facial expressions.

Electronic Art in rather done things by adding touches like the traces of grass / mud on the jerseys. This contest the overall realism as the field that keeps the brand of your tackles. Around the field is also well transcribed with benches key, photographers and cameramen.

Television is just a bias in this FIFA 15 because everything is done to give us the impression of watching a football match. The viewing angles are plentiful and you can always enjoy your finest actions in slow motion from all angles. A big plans for you to realize that the same facial expressions are transcribed (not all players, only the best known).

You understood the evolution of FIFA 15 shows in detail and it will pay a little attention to enjoy. Small flat still on modeling stages, English stadiums are beautiful French side there are far fewer who are faithful (with some exception).

It's not all drooling over the visual, take the controller in hand!

Of the first strides we realize that players of inertia is not bad (even more than in FIFA 14), it is completely realistic but it is surprising. It's a bit like the ball that sticks quite well to foot. It is not in the days of FIFA 96 but again it is surprising. It is rather significant in attack against a defense if you are going to pester you for the slightest tackle missed your attackers will already be far away ....

To illustrate you some kind of goal that can be put in FIFA 15 here is a big compilation!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Okay my guardian is the best! Finally, yes and no ...

Last Stand of your defense the goalkeeper was the subject of much attention in the demo because any shooting 30 meters turned into goal. This is not the case (and better) in the final version. As against this, s will amaze the guards are able to catch the ball on big hits as well (too) often they will release it on small fire. Beware of attackers lurking in the penalty area! (and I'm not talking about lobs, mef it's always annoying to pick one ...).

Regarding AI, it is satisfactory. Certainly in beginner or amateur will tend to flee you instead of attacking you but in the higher levels the level thickens. By cons beware of arbitration, it is anything but fair. Indeed it is not uncommon that a fault is not even whistled just the opposite ie a red card for an innocuous scramble.

Before talking about the different game modes are talking about the interface that has been modified since FIFA 14 and this is appreciated. Indeed menus are more pleasant to pace and good ideas have emerged. This is the case of formations that little dial in phase advance. There will therefore be in stock configurations teams / tactics to stick to your future opponents. It is rather convenient.

Several game modes!

As mobile Ultimate Team mode you can show your talent coach managing a workforce. A transfers you to win your matches and why not reveal the future star of your club. In addition to the UT method included in the application smartphone / tablet tested above you can enjoy the return of the Competition Mode (absent from the 2014 edition). He is back with nomnbreux tournaments.

For other modes we just mentioned:

Day - Play in direct face-to-face online against a friend or the AI.
Seasons Online - Play online in a season format. With the option Facing a guest, you can compete with your friends.
Online Friendlies - Challenge your friends online.
Seasons Coop - Play online with a friend in 2 games against 2.
Technical games - 26 games new technologies have been added to the most popular training mode with four new exercises that cover the basics: dribbling, shooting, passing and defense.
Training Arena - Work the one-against-one face to face ...
There is plenty to do even if we will focus on just two game modes.

And sound what happens?

Comments are always made Franck Sauzé and Hervé Mathoux, sentences are quite numerous (some come back too often anyway) but sometimes hard to stick with the current action. It's a bit like the public that ignites for minor actions and seems very playful when we are about to score. Nothing bad but it can surprise. It would take new voices as current commentators that this speaks to the largest nombre.La soundtrack by cons is top and well-chosen music, some could even be used in an evening;-)

So I buy or not?

Say what you Fifa 15 is essential if you have not purchased it in 2014. If you already have what is perhaps not essential. Now if you like football, sponsors and updated numbers and the Competition mode, FIFA 15 is for you!

You can enjoy FIFA 15 on all platforms of the time (except Wii U sniff ...) but this 2015 edition will show its full potential as the next-gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One and of course PC).

FIFA 15 is available here. You can even take the Deluxe version of the game which in addition offers the following:

The Deluxe Edition features the full download FIFA and the equivalent of € 20 dots FIFA to use for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team packs. You will benefit also for your team ready for 5 matches FUT player Leo Messi and an offer, combining several elements of the EA SPORTS Football Club catalog including new celebrations, the adidas All-Star team and others. You can enjoy it right kick.

If you want more information, you can visit the official FIFA 15 from Electronic Arts here.

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