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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the year

The game of football from Electronic Arts opens 2015 with the arrival of the team of the year in the Ultimate Team mode, the center point of the online experience of FIFA 15.

Fifa 15 games, the game EA proves once again the football title that attracts the majority of users, strong excellent graphics coupled with gameplay suitable both for experts and casual players. The depth is guaranteed by hundreds of animations and assisted and manual controls, allowing huge adaptability to the gameplay experience. The real strength, however, lies in the manner provided by the American company, which uses the licenses related to mark Fifa.

Ultimate Team "> Fifa 15 Ultimate Team, the most played and popular mode of FIFA reaches its seventh edition, able to know how to innovate continuously. The charm of the Ultimate Team resides in the ability to create, gradually, a team organized and covered in each role, through the purchase online or through the purchase of special packages. our team, in a modern version of the old figurines, so has the ability to challenge other players all over the world, each with its own ideal team. the interest in this mode is guaranteed by weekly additions of EA, which guarantees figurines always new and updated according to the world Championships.

Fifa 15 Team of the year, following the awards ceremony at the FIFA Ballon d'Or, the organization has compiled a list of the best eleven players last year. Electronic Arts has so updated its virtual figurines Ultimate Team with the ability to find, or buy, the blue cards enhanced team of the year, in the course of this week. Each player has improved and enhanced features, for a total of 6 times higher than the base form. The team consists of: Neuer; Lahm, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Ramos; Iniesta, Kroos, Di Maria; Messi, Ronaldo, Robben.

Fifa origins, the FIFA series was born in 1993, and its success is due to the novelty of the isometric view, and not from above, as Sensible Soccer was the best football game of the time. The technical difference is reflected in animations and details made possible by the new graphics engine, step forward in technology for the time. The ability to use club teams arrive a year later, in the 95, while the real names of the players make their appearance in FIFA 96. The annual title reaches its peak quality in Fifa 98, thanks to a gameplay innovative and excellent graphics, besides the presence of the World Cup that year.

Paradoxically, the year following the FIFA series begins a slow decline, in favor of Japanese rival Pro Evolution Soccer, able to mark up in the simulations football, until the last generation of consoles. Since 2008, in fact, the FIFA series has been able to recover the throne, thanks to a renewed graphic layout and to a much deeper gameplay and simulation, with the introduction of manual controls. Fifa 09 also has been inserted Ultimate Team mode, features that led to broaden the user base and its sales figures.

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