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As every Wednesday, EA Sports has released in the packages the team of the week (Team Of The Week). Among some weightlessness like that of Alexander Meier (Eintracht Frankfurt with the other two goals and 16 goals in the Bundesliga, the second in the scoring charts behind Arjen Robben), and some confirmations inevitable (Bueno, author of four goals in 16 minutes), we analyze what are the most interesting players and the strong TOTW 25 of FIFA 15!

We begin by the players with the highest rating, or Franck Ribery (89), Wayne Rooney (88) and Mats Hummels (88).

French Bayern Monaco has extraordinary statistics regarding the attack and the game setting: 90 speed, 94 of dribbling, shooting 81 (and the only flaw here concerns the shots from distance, stop at an unfair 75 ) and especially of 88 steps, a value that is realized in the game with 85 cross, 86 of effect, 91 of vision and even 92 short passes. Ribery thus becomes one of the strongest left wings of all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

The paper IF (In Form) Wayne Rooney is similarly frightening, because English is confirmed as a complete player, capable of adapting both to the role of attacker as that of central midfielder. About 85 steps (88 steps long, 87 short passes, 86 vision), the resounding 93 shooting (90 shots from distance, finalizing 91, 97 power shot!) And especially 90 of physicality, and in game means 92 and 87 of resistance of physical strength. A card crazy to Rooney, who will also be more expensive than that of Ribery!

Mats Hummels is instead one of the strongest defenders of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with its 93 defense and 85 of physicality. Extraordinary also the value of 80 in the passages, which for a center-back is a feature unique setting. Same consideration for the 76 of dribbling, while 68 speed may turn up their noses at anyone but it is not even remotely a downside to this card, which officially enters the top three of the strongest defenders of FIFA 15.

Said of this trio of wonders that will be very exclusive saw the price, we analyze other players very interesting and more affordable price. The first of these is definitely Bas Dost: Dutch Wolfsburg is destroying the Bundesliga with 11 goals in his last 10 games took two black cards. It's true, is not fast (62) and only 65 of dribbling (even compared to -12 Hummels ...) but has 88 shooting and 97 presumably strength in game, two factors that will make it deadly to those who play with a center of weight with great finishing and positioning. Its cost will obviously be very low, probably around 12,000 credits. According to us the real deal.

Philippe Coutinho is another very interesting player, who was also second in Form after the orange paper Man Of The Match. What stands out among the parameters of the Brazilian 90 dribbles, and in game one of the players will make it more agile and elusive. Very well even in the passages with 89 short passes and 90 of vision. The decent speed (83) and the fact that plays in the Premier League will make it unfortunately very expensive.

Those who will be economic is Pablo Piatti, left wing of Valencia with 89 speed, 84 of 78 shooting and dribbling is shaping up very playable. Something similar to Cristian Tello, who has pretty much the same values ​​and that can become lethal in counterattacks. Curious, however, the case of Jeremy Toulalan, who takes the paper in Form and passes from the role of CDC (defensive midfielder) to that of DC (Centre). With the French would, therefore, a defender with 83 defense, 85 of physicality, 79 passes, 73 of dribbling and presumably more than 85 in shots from distance. Features not seen for a central defender (something similar, in fact, happened last year with Bodmer IF).

Other low cost players are goalkeepers Asenjo (statistics well balanced) and Neto Fiorentina midfielder Arango from the central Mexican Liga (stand 81 shooting and 83 steps and will likely have around 99 of kicks), and Bueno del Rayo Vallencano (+6 shooting than plain paper).

Lastly, the Second In Form Captain grenade Kamil Glik, who became one of the strongest central defenders in Serie A with 88 defense and 85 of physicality. It will not be fast (55) but in the game will have a very high value in the header and become so crucial in defending what the mark on corner kicks.

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