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FIFA 15 Jimmy Briand again the celebration of salmon

Jimmy Briand imitated one of the goal celebrations of FIFA 15 to celebrate his last weekend. The Coca-Cola Zero Gaming Zone you unveils video!

With a new album in miser but nevertheless successful, FIFA 15 is a hit in France . At the same time, what greater pleasure than to score a goal humiliating your opponent before going on to room with one of the many goal celebrations available in the game? And if the lambda French like it, I imagine how the French react ... Some players are also fans of the game so they are ready to reproduce a celebration of the game in reality. This is for example the case the former Lyon Jimmy Briand today in Hanover, Germany. At the last league match against Hertha Berlin, the former French international scored his first goal with his new club a nice volley from a corner . And in time to celebrate his goal, the attacker starts to run, then suddenly throws him down immovably. A celebration called salmon taken from FIFA 15 so that you can see in the video below.

"I was playing FIFA with my friend Salif Sane and I promised him that if I scored a goal in this match, I would celebrate like that," he has told the official website of the German championship. This celebration, which was introduced in the 2011 edition of the game is inspired by a celebration of Ian Wright, emblematic player Gunners Arsenal in the mid 80s. A player who draws a celebration of a game, which itself was inspired by the celebration of a player? The circle is complete. If you also want to play as Jimmy Briand but in the game this time, we recommend you follow the lessons of Bruce Grannec on ​​corners in FIFA 15. Are you as you play a FIFA celebrations 15 in reality?

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