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FIFA 15 Can Dortmund wrestle Bayern

Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern - the German equivalent of the El Clasico and the Revival of the Champions League final in 2013. There is an electric rivalry, fueled recently by the testimony of Karl-Heinz Rummigge, between the two clubs are interested in the obligation of Marco Reus has. Attempts to destroy the FC Bayern BVB, poach all high-caliber talent and buy? Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski have already switched to the Reds, the atmosphere is hot!

This Saturday meets in the top match of FC Bayern at home on the BVB. Can shoot from the league-crisis BVB? This season has been lost no floodlit match, the Champions League table results with flying colors and also in the German Cup's running around. The interesting question is: Can the BVB Saturday night retrieve its quality and beat Bayern or will you perish without trace in the Allianz Arena? One thing is certain: The El Clasico German is always a highlight and wins now also internationally popular. FC Barcelona vs Real? Pff, we want to see FC Bayern against BVB!

"EA SPORTS delivers as part of its official FIFA 15 Bundesliga forecast already a first answer to the big game Saturday night -. While a tangible surprise because according to the forecast win the proteges of Jürgen Klopp despite residue and thanks to a strong Shinji Kagawa in a fast-paced game with . 1: 3 against the giants That would mean the second away win of the BVB in Munich in a row Back in April the Bavaria had on home soil with 0:.. beaten 3 "

Simulated by the CPU and commented live by Frank Buschmann, EA SPORTS thus shows now, as the big game could go out on the weekend. Perhaps the simulated result is indeed a good tip for betting? The best betting bonuses can be found here .

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