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FIFA 15 Best Goals of the Week

EA Sports has chosen the best or most goals scored in FIFA 15 again. We have the appropriate video for you. The staff of the studio decided this time among other things, results of the BVB stars Marco Reus and Ilkay Gündogen. How can you participate in the election itself, learn it here as well.

Like every week, EA Sports has again selected the best, achieved by the Community in FIFA 15 hits. Included are this time, among other goals from Eden Hazard, Sergiu Aguero and the two BVB stars and Ilkay Gundogan Macro Reus. Had the Dortmund in the Bundesliga as well unerringly how their fans in FIFA 15, if they were probably very unlikely to be on a direct relegation zone. You can watch right after these lines the video with the best FIFA 15 goals.

You are of the opinion that you can not (yet) be better? Then you can you apply with a superb goal made by you in FIFA 15. Easy to record and upload on Youtube. What requirements must comply with your video, you will learn on the link in the message. Then you have to EA Sports is tell yet where the video is with your FIFA to find 15-port and specify your name or gamertag. Good luck!

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