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Exceptional goal scored on FIFA 15

A player from FIFA 15 managed to score an absolutely exceptional goal with Real Madrid. Ronaldo blow for blow the scarf Marcelo scorpion. Unbelievable. The "gamers" will enjoy ...

At the end of the video game FIFA 15, aficionados flocked to the new edition of EA Sports game. And some already seem to master this album, as the player who manages to take a free kick shot using the headscarf, before resuming a volley away with the blow of the scorpion. If Real Madrid players watched this video, it will give them maybe ideas!
Ronaldo free kick
Soccer simulations allow everyone to realize its finest fantasies on land. And that is gamer is not private at this game with Real Madrid. Granted on a kick, he decided to try the blow of the scarf with Cristiano Ronaldo, he succeeded and the ball comes to Marcelo, who gets the volley by running the blow of the scorpion! Purpose and, one imagines, joy explosion player to handle.
Marcelo shaved head?
This marked scorer in FIFA 15 is a priori impossible into reality, but still highly unlikely. However, what makes it more perplexing is not necessarily the credibility of that goal ... but the fact that Marcelo has a shaved head!
In any case, this does not detract from the beauty of this simply outstanding goal.

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