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Everything you need to know about FIFA 15

Back in September, returns to the league, and, like every year, also returns the last work of the guys from EA Sports. With the release date set for September 25, improved from year to year, FIFA is a cornerstone among sports titles of this generation, having ousted from the throne PES already few editions ago, will make it to be confirmed this year? Discover it with us in our review.

What leaps to the eye in FIFA 15 is the great care with which you worked on the game's graphics. Much improved over last year, the format for its looks FIFA is all new. With illumination homogeneity and dynamic, with a meticulous attention to detail graphics, what we have before it seems a different title than the past.

Great improvements have been made to the field, now more vivid than ever. Even now in the replay you can distinguish one from the blades of grass and the field itself tends to wear visibly during the clashes. In short, a great step forward. Even the players were retouched to graphically. More graceful and slender, have lost the weight they had in past editions. Even the faces are layers improved, now, in fact, more players have the features physiognomic similar to the real counterpart and some players were last updated in appearance. One above all, in this edition finally Pirlo has a beard. Even the stadiums have been updated, just think of the inclusion of all states in the Premier League. Different is the fate of those Italians, still present in small numbers.

At the level of gameplay, there is much to discuss. Compared to last year, in fact, it was decided to speed it up in favor of dynamism in the clashes. Although the speed is increased, some adjustments have also been made to the movements of the players (now it will be harder stop the ball) and, above all, to the defenders. The physicality in clashes has been improved, so that the fastest players do not always have their way on the slower ones. The physical count and quite well, especially when you want to stretch the ball on the wing chased by the defender.

A real drawback to this edition are the goals. Presented as the real revolution of this year, as we have seen, despite the patch applied to them later, they are always late on some interventions or even completely motionless. It does not happen always, it is true, but sometimes too much you see a little 'too many uncertainties on low balls and outputs. Perhaps for filing this aspect, now will be much more difficult to score head. Defenders, in fact, it is difficult to anticipate and make the attacker will have many difficulties struck the ball the force needed to overcome the goalkeeper.

As for modes, FIFA offers a wide variety of choice-. Mode queen is undoubtedly Career, in which we choose to assume the role of a coach, deciding to manage market or training, or a player off the bench from the first game until you get to win major tournaments. Articulate and never too easy, the career mode will provide several hours of varied gameplay, in which we could clash in the championships as diverse market and aspire to make each title.

In addition to the career mode, we can not report how FIFA Ultimate Team. Born as DLC for FIFA, has been so successful that in the latest edition has been integrated in a Limited Edition, the price a little 'plus, in which we were entitled to many gold gift packages. Big news this in FUT is the ability to take players on loan just for a few races. You can always buy them due to the market improved and, as stated by those of EA, a particular focus was given to the care of updates. Every week we bonus packages and special event cards, with players of the moment presented in special and rare cards that will immediately very high market value.

Also report, in conclusion the excellent work done with the new commentary, created from scratch, edited by Pierluigi Pardo and Stefano Nava. Starting from scratch, after years spent with Caressa and Bergomi, we know that it should not have been easy, but the guys at EA surprised us with a varied and high-quality dubbing. Abound, in fact, a lot of curiosity especially when mentioned the big teams, the little touches that fans can do just that good.

Our conclusions

Having to make a judgment in this review, the title presented to us by EA this year is certainly not perfect but it has its strengths. Leaving aside some problems of gameplay that we hope will be resolved in future patches, FIFA 15 is always able to affect mainly thanks to its mode. First of all certainly FIFA Ultimate Team (which you can buy here) who, with his dynamism especially market, will provide many hours of fun to fans. Present in stores from September 25, FIFA may perhaps be the sports game that will satisfy your hunger for football.

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