1. How do I know you are a legitimate service?

We have received thousands of orders already and are advertised by many known youtubers, so you know you can trust us in providing you with the best service.

2. Why are your coins so cheap? Are you a scam?

No, we just do our best to provide the best prices and service to our customers in the market, hence the name ‘’Buy Cheap FIFA Coins’’. You can be assured you will receive your coins 100% and that we will provide the best prices on both consoles at all times.

3. OMG!, you are not on the live chat, does this mean you are offline and I will not receive coins?

No, just remember delivery is to be online for you to receive your coins right away. If any problems, please contact us via email: getfifa@hotmail.com , we will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

4. How do I know you have coins in stock?

We ONLY take payment from YOU whenever we have the coins in stock, this ensures you receive your coins instantly and your delivery is not delayed.

5. Where are my coins? I have not received them?

Sometimes due to the EA servers, there might have been a delay in delivering your coins; however this is rarely the case. But, Do not worry about it, you will receive your coins 100%, just put up a player for 3 days for the buy now price of the amount of coins you purchased and send us the details via email to getfifa@hotmail.com.

6.How long does it take to deliver my coins?

Once you check out through our system, your coins will be delivered in 5mins! Otherwise please make sure you player is up for 3 days, send the player details with your order no and contact us at getfifa@hotmail.com if your coins were not delivered.

7. What type of payment methods do you use?

We use PayPal as our primary payment methods on our website as we believe it is one of the most safest and secure methods to do so. Again, you are not required a PayPal account to buy coins from us. We are merchant approved, this means you are able to pay using your credit/debit card details, don’t worry, we do not have any access to any of your private information, as it is all secure and safe through our payment provider PayPal, so you can feel safe when buying from us.

8. How to contact us?

You can contact us via email: getfifa@hotmail.com

9. How do I order my coins?

Once paid, your coins will be delivered instantly through our automated system! It is as simple as that.

1. Click on the 'buy now' link at the top of the website.

2. Select your console. We sell on all consoles including next gen and current gen. They actually share the same transfer market so it doesnt matter which you use :)

3. Select your amount of coins.

4. Then BEFORE checking out, you need to list a player from your club, we can then buy this player and this is how we transfer the coins into your account. Go into Fifa ultimate team, either from your console or the EA web app, and list any player from your club on the transfer market, make sure to list with a buy now price that matches the amount of coins you are purchasing.

For Help On How To List A Player Please Watch This Video

5. Now go to the checkout and use the player form provided to give the details of the player you have listed, to avoid delays please make sure all details are entered correctly, and the spelling is 100% accurate.

fifa home coins

Enter The Name Of The Player That You Have Listed On The Transfer Market, Along With You Fut Name, Which Will Appear On Your Console Similar To The Picture (Chacarron FC Is Your Fut Name) Your EA team name can be seen on the top left of your screen when you are on the console or the web app.

6. Click checkout and follow any additional instructions provided .

7. That's it, once payment is complete you should receive your coins in seconds, if there is a delay, please leave up to 20 minutes before getting in touch about the status of your order. Thanks very much for shopping at hellofifa.com !

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